The ideal shape and large space, remade from the cargo ship with a variety of modifications, this ship is able to fight on an equal footing with any ships of its class, and even higher. - Ingame description


  • Category: Cruiser
  • Unlock level: 18
  • Cell: 61
  • Speed: 5.5
  • Turning: 1
  • Cost: 1,499,000Untitled Diagram-0.png / 600Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif
  • Support ships: None
  • Repair time: 19min


No. Name Cost Cell
1 Improved Engines 162Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +5
2 Frontal Barrier 102Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +6
Sum 264Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +11

Unique Ship Bonus

Total Module Armor

Basic: +1.3%

+/lv: +0.05%

Upgradeable Bonus

Cost/lv:2Bp.png & 1130Untitled Diagram-0.png

Parameter Base +/? Max
Armor Mass 1.34 -0.02 -2.14%
Armor Power Generation 1.34 +0.02 2.14%
Ballistic Fire Cone 2.9 +0.29 +14.5%
Engine Mass 1.34 +0.13 -6.7%
Engine Reflect 0.8 +0.08 +4%
Missile Range 2.9 +0.29 +14.5%


The Age Eagle is a spoof on the Millenium Falcon from the Star Wars movies.

The Age Eagle is the only asymmetrical ship in the game, and is the most expensive ship in its class, despite the Cruiser class containing ships of higher level.

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