Battle, the base game mode of Space Arena. Before entering, players needed to build a fully modded ship.

Player level - Ship level = X , if X > n, then Rating is stand still after lose. n is constant, undefined.

Threshold to gain increase rating by winning is 45 rating.

Phase 1: Choose Opponent

IMG 20190323 160612.jpg

Player have a chance to choose opponent to fight against with.

It tells opponent name, opponent ship name, balistic weapon level, missile weapon level, laser weapon level, armor defense level and shield defense level by 19 horizontal bars, represent its presentage.

IMG 20190323 162047.jpg

Bottom left watch advertising video to change opponent free of charge, or change by paying 3 Celestium Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif

Bottom right Fight! button with a 8.5 second countdown timer to let you decide facing this opponent or not.

If player didnt tap Fight! button in time, match starts up by facing the opponent having on screen currently.

Phase 2: The Battle

Player match with the opponent. Two ship face each other on stright line. Top left show players ship power cycle, top right shows Forfeit button. Forfeit the battle will lose battle reward and players ship will need to repair. Highly disagree players doing it. Players and opponent ship have cells indicate each parts health by 4 diffrent color. Green 100-75%, yellow 75-50%, orange 50-25%, red 25-0%, and black represent empty cell.

When the power cycle enters powerless period, the ship will have an electric symbol.

Parts do not work in powerless period Parts work in powerless period




  • Point Defense Turret
  • Power engined armor

There are 2 ways to lose the battle:

  • 0 reactors
  • 0 weapons

Phase 3: Result

Winning the battle gives reward of rating, Credits Untitled Diagram-0.png and Xp Xp.png.

Each ship givs diffrent reward. lossing a battle could give less reward, or no rewards, depends on enemy ship destroy percentage, rating could be drop or unchange.

Win Streak

After winning a certain amount of win in a row, game could reward player Celestium Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif, winning a battle in winning streak can reward more rating.

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