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A wide and durable weapon that stops most initial impacts. Fires off large swarms of rockets at enemies in from of you. - Ingame Description

A wide rocket wall that also serves as soft armor. Fires swarms of rockets before stopping to reload.

Unlock Level: 23

Acquisition: Market

Cost: 150000Untitled Diagram-0.png


Sub-upgrade Cost: 1 Chip, 500 CreditsUntitled Diagram-0.png

Module Level Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv5
Upgrade Cost 2 Overclock Chip, ? Untitled Diagram-0.png 3 Overclock Chip, ? Untitled Diagram-0.png 4 Overclock Chip, ? Untitled Diagram-0.png 5 Overclock Chip, ? Untitled Diagram-0.png
Health +9.8 +9.8
Mass -2.1 -2.1
Fire Cone
Power Use
Fire Rate
Rocket Explosion Radius