Fleet Commanders who spend years on tour will often make their home on board a Baron-class Carrier. This ship offers the firepower and luxury a discerning officer can appreciate sight when docking to a station for refitting. The Baron exemplifies the elegance and strength of the modern Federal Navy. - Ingame Description


  • Category: Carrier
  • Unlock level: 37
  • Cell: 104
  • Speed: 4.5
  • Turning: 0.6
  • Cost: 1,845,000 credits / 850 celestium
  • Support ships: 2 Valkyries
  • Repair time: 33min


No. Name Cost Cell
1 Extended Bow 298Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +4
2 Reinforced Bridge 229Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +4
3 Fortified Core 229Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +4
4 Improved Engines 298Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +2
Main Sum 1054Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +14
1 Reinforced Core 286Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +6
2 Fortified Core 217Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +4
3 Improved Engines 286Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +2
Support Sum 789Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +12
Sum 1843Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +26

Unique Ship Bonus

Total Module Power Generation

Basic: +0.21%

+/lv: +0.21%

Upgradeable Bonus

Cost/lv:1Bp.png & 500Untitled Diagram-0.png

Parameter Base +/? Max

Ballistic Damage

Ballistic Penertation Chance

Shield Radius

Armor Health

Engine Reflect

Power Reflect

Ballistic Power Usage

Missile Power Usage

Shield Mass

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