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Blueprint, also known as Ship Drawings, schematics are required to unlock special ship and then upgrade them. Each special ship requires its own individual Schematics and they cannot be cross used between the different ships. Acquire them by using the  Galaxy Explorer. They can be sold inside the Shop for credit, which rate is 14Bp.png: 5,000Untitled Diagram-0.pngno matter which ship is it.

Ship Requirement
PSS Sparrow Mk2 5 Bp.png
PSS Miran Mk2 5 Bp.png
PSS EL-K Mk2 8 Bp.png
Phantom Mk2 8 Bp.png
Eidolon MK2 8 Bp.png
Mjollnir Mk2 "Son of Odin" 10 Bp.png
Ritari Mk2 "Knight of Light" 15 Bp.png
Khonal 20 Bp.png