Carrier is a type of ship that consists of a main ship and one or more support ships. You can design the ships with your favorite setup. But as you will see how the AI behaves on battles involving carriers, you will notice something. That is your ships and those of opponents will almost always focus their attack on the main ship.

This AI behavior naturally invokes human creativity. In general they can be grouped into 3 main tactics:

  1. Normal ship. As the name implies the ship setup is just like any other that you have seen. The ship will have combination of weapons, armor, shield, etc.
  2. Zombie ship. This is a special ship where it doesn't have any power reactor and the whole ship may be made of all armor and only a tiny weapon. Why this type of ship exists you ask? Because the main purpose of this tactic is to maximize the survivability of the main ship. The support ships handle the attacking.
  3. Turtle ship. This tactic is similar with Zombie ship which the main purpose is also to maximize the survivablity of the main ship, but instead of full armor, the main ship will have some other modules such as repair bays and PDT. Thus the name turtle, very strong.

Until the AI changes in the future, these tactics are the current meta and promise a good ratio of wins.

What happens if everyone is using the same tactics? Well, people will always find a way to improve their ships and the rest depends on RNG (randomness).

Good luck Captains. Tell us your opinions.