Types of engines:
- ion drive. These engines increase the main speed and the turn speed
It's the base type of engines.  There're 3 ion engines:
Small ion drive
Large ion drive
Grand ion drive
The main differences between them are power, energy consumption, and the size. The installation of more than 1 ion engine increase the main speed and turn speed of the ship.  If you have enough blocks, you have to use the Grand ion drive. The bigger ship, the bigger engine. 
- warp drive. It's a very important engine on the Space Arena. It doesn't influence on the speed, but it transfers the ship to the enemy's ship. Important thing: the more warp drives are on the ship, the more frequently ship jumps. Good news that the rockets miss the goal if you use the warp drive. In the ship, you can find the only one engine of this type. Frequency depends on the size of the ship. 
- vectored thruster. This engine able to increase the turn speed of your ship. The more vectored thruster ship has the more turn speed ship gains. The ship becomes more nimble. 
- afterburner. This engine increases the power of other engines. Increase the main and turn speed for a short time.