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When will be the update? Where can I see information about it?

You can see announce the update on the Facebook and Reddit. Usually, the update appears every month. Watch for our news.

When will be new ships?

Soon. By the way, you can offer us the model of the new ship. If you have a good idea - send us a message with the picture and description of the ship. And maybe your design appear in the new level.


Is this game pay-to-win?

You can pay to progress through the levels faster, but at the end-game money will buy you nothing. You won't be able to reach top 100 by buying celestium, because even when you buy the best ship in the game and fully upgrade it, you'll still be stuck in lower ranks if you don't also apply quite a bit of skill you should have earned by that time.

I’m stuck in the lvl and can’t win and continue play.

Congratulations, you reached the hard lvl. Don’t worry, try other modules and different assembling. Also, play journey, participate in the Fleet Arena. Save Celestium and Credits, buy more powerful weapons and try again. And you'll win!

Why do I encounter this unbeatable super-high-level ship at my level?

This happens accidentally because of current matchmaking rules. It's pretty rare, so consider "re-rolling" the enemy.

What does the "sell ship design" button do?

It gives you a bit of celestium and clears the ship design. Nothing else is known to happen. Nobody will receive your design, and you'll never be able to buy other player's designs that way. It's simply a tiny game feature that's there to encourage you to experiment.

How do I grind celestium and what do I rather spend it on?

Celestium is a "premium currency" of which you have very limited amounts. Winning the "daily challenge" (in the top-right corner of the main tab) gives you quite a bit of it. If you don't mind, you might as well watch ads for celestium, which gives you more than the daily challenge.

The most important application of Celestium is to upgrade your ships. Even then, consider only the upgrades that you find important, after careful testing, because they're quite expensive. In the early game (first 10-15 levels) you don't need upgrades because ships become outdated too quickly. Spending celestium on ship repair is way too expensive, definitely not worth it. Buying a lot of ship bays (more than 2-3) is not worth it because you'll rarely have that many equally good ships. In the late game when you've already upgraded everything, you'll mostly spend celestium on re-rolling opponents that hard-counter your current ship design.


Destoyer Vega very strong. It’s impossible to win it.

Yep, it’s the truth. But we’ll fix it in the next update. We correct balance of the battle.

Is my ship design good? How do I know?

If it regularly defeats bigger ships than itself, it's good. If you want to design good ships no matter what, practice until your ship has a win rate of around 50% within ranks that are mostly populated by ships 3-5 levels above yours. For example, a good Scythe will beat early Morningstars and even some Broadswords. If you struggle, look at our catalog for inspiration. If you make a good design, consider adding it to our catalog as well!


How many times repair bay restores my ship?

Repair Bay restores 2500 health at one battle. At the same time, it can fix up to three modules.

How can I see options for the modules: speed of shooting, time of firing and other?

You need switch on “Expert module View”, after that you can see detail options of the weapon and ship.

What's better against shields - guns or lasers?

Ballistic weapons destroy shield bubbles while lasers pass through them without damaging them. Because shields protect against rockets fairly well, mix rockets with ballistic weapons to destroy shields and let rockets take care of the rest. Mixing rockets and lasers is almost always a bad idea: lasers will never bring down shields and rockets would therefore rarely hit the actual ship

Do I warp more often with two warp drives?

The more warp drive you have, the more frequently you warp.

What's better - a large shield or many small shields?

Large shields are usually more cost-efficient, but they have a large drawback: they absorb bullets that would otherwise never hit your ship, which brings the shield down faster. This advocates for more small shields unless you really need to protect a large area. This is also what makes bunker shields useful.


I want to play with my friends!

We’re planning to add tournaments with friends without ranking in this year. You will be able to play with them on the ships of another lvl. But today you can invite your friends from Facebook in the game and get the bonus for that.


How can I save my progress?

You need to connect with the Facebook account in the settings Space Arena. So you can save your progress and play in you lvl on the other devices.

I want to play in web version with my mobile account, how can I do that?

Unfortunately, but now it’s impossible. Web and mobile version are very different in details. Maybe someday...

Where 'can' I play also?

You can play Space Arena on the KongregateArmorGames.

I can't pay purchase in the game store.

Likely, you are facing with the Pop-up Blocker of Paypal. You need to permit the access in settings of your browser. If you this can't help, please, write to support.


You can send your suggestion via our official groups: FacebookReddit