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An improvement over its smaller verion both in terms of fire rate, damage and range. Obliterates shields and, given some time, crushes even through layers of armor. - Ingame Description

A very high powered version of Gaussian Shotgun. Fires a large barrage of pellets per shot. Deadly at close range.

The number of volleys in the queue is three, each volley is twelve bullets. As a result, thirty-six bullets are fired in one turn, with a deviation of each bullet equal to a random number from -10 to +10 degrees. Because of this, bullets fly like a fan, not a wall.

Unlock Level: 46

Acquisition: Market

Cost: 2950000Untitled Diagram-0.png


Parameter Increase/Sub-level Frequency
Health +1.52 40
Mass -0.4 40
Power Use +0.0775 40
Range +0.037 40
Damage +0.084 40
Fire Rate +??? 10/5
Fire Cone +0.07 40


Parameter Max Stat
Health 440.8
Mass 384
Power Use 151.9
Damage 15.36
Fire Rate ???
Fire Cone 72.8