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Ugly as sin, some inspired soul squeezed two light fighter hulls and encased them in a single sheet of armor. Though ridiculed for its looks, the Heavy Fighter has become a standard stepping stone for aspiring pilots on the way to frame. - Ingame Description

The heavy fighter is a clear improvement over the light fighter while still being free. This fighter can also be used effectively in class battles since it can carry great weapons and defence.


  • Unlock level: 2
  • Cell: 12
  • Cost: None
  • Upgrades: None
  • Support ships: None
  • Repair time: None

Unique Ship Bonus

Total Module Power Generation

Base: +9%

+/lv: +1%

Upgradeable Bonus

Cost/lv:1Bp.png & 500Untitled Diagram-0.png

Parameter Base +/? Max
Armor Mass 2.34 -0.05 -2.5%
Engine Health 10 +1 +50%
Laser Damage 10 +1 +50%
Missile Range 2.9 +0.29 +14.5%
Power Explode Radius 2.9 +0.29 -14.5%
Shield Radius 1.34 +0.13 +6.7%

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