Mk Modules

Mk2 or Mk3 modules are improvements over the original. The give a certain boost to some stats while often making some worse. Mk2 and Mk3 modules are generally better than the original variant, but cannot be upgraded with chips. Some can be bought from the Black Market while others are gained as a Sector rewards or come with a purchasable special pack.

Name Level Acquirsistion
Small Steel Armor Mk2 3 Wing Exclusive special pack
Small Ion Drive Mk2 3 Wing Exclusive special pack
Laser Beam Mk2 8 Sector 1
Vectored Thruster Mk2 12 Black Market
Point Defense Turret Mk2 14 Black Market
Vulcan Turret Mk2 14 Sector 2
Medium Solar Armor Mk2 15 Black Market
Vulcan Turret Mk3 16 Black Market
Point Defense Turret Mk3 18 Black Market
Railgun Mk2 18 Sector 3
Laser Beam Mk3 20 Black Market
Rocket Turret Mk2 22 Black Market
Small Laser Mk2 22 Sector 4
Chaingun Mk2 24 Black Market
Mine Launcher Mk2 25 Black Market
Rocket Turret Mk3 26 Black Market
Mass Driver Mk2 28 Black Market
Scorpion Launcher Mk2 30 Black Market
Combat Shield Mk2 30 Sector 5
Pulse Laser Mk2 32 Black Market
Medium Armored Reactor Mk2 34 Black Market
Scorpion Launcher Mk3 36 Black Market
Flak Rocket Turret Mk2 38 Black Market
Rocket Launcher Mk2 38 Sector 6
Pulse Laser Mk3 40 Black Market
Rail Turret Mk2 41 Black Market
Grand Ion Drive Mk2 42 Black Market
Quantum Turret Mk2 44 Black Market
Fusion Turret Mk2 46 Black Market
Bunker Shield Mk2 46 Sector 7
Hydra Turret Mk2 48 Black Market
Capital Cannon Mk2 50 Black Market

Mk Ships

Some ships also have their Mk2 version. These ships have some extra cells on the default version and the upgrades. These versions are a lot harder to get and can be obtained by first researching them with Ship Drawings and then buying them with credits. All upgrades also need the drawings for the ship.

Ship Requirement
PSS Sparrow Mk2 5 Bp.png
PSS Miran Mk2 5Bp.png
PSS EL-K Mk2 8Bp.png
Phantom Mk2 8Bp.png
Eidolon MK2 8Bp.png
Mjollnir Mk2 "Son of Odin" 10Bp.png
Ritari Mk2 "Knight of Light" 15Bp.png
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