62 total modules are the base foundation of creating you ship, can be gain from market, black market, sector reward.

Weapon Ballistic Chaingun

Vulcan Cannon

Vulcan Turret


Quantum Rifle

Gaussian Shotgun

Mass Drive

Rail Turret

Gauss Rifle

Quantum Turret

Hyperion Chaigun

Gaussian War Shotgun

Capital Cannon

Missile Rocekt Launcher

Rocket Turret

Missile Launcher

Torpedo Launcher

Arsenal Wall

Scorpion Launcher

Impact Missile

Flak Rocket Turret

Warhead Launcher

Hydra Turret

Laser Small Laser

Laser Beam

Laser Turret

Fusion Ray

Pulse Laser

Arcfusion Array

Fusion Turret

Defense Armor Small Steel Armor

Small Solar Armor

Medium Steel Armor

Medium Solar Armor

Small Reactive Armor

Large Steel Armor

Large Solar Armor

Medium Reactive Armor

Large Reactive Armor

Shield Combat Shield

Bunker Shield

Battle Shield

War Shield

System Junk Launcher

Point Defense System

Utility Engine Small Ion Drive

Warp Drive

Vectored Thruster


Large Ion Drive

Grand Ion Drive

Power Small Reactor

Medium Reactor

Medium Armored Reactor

Large Reactor

Large Armored Reactor

Grand Reactor

Support Repair Bay
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