Unupgraded RadiantX - building view


Fully upgraded RadiantX - building view

Specifications Edit

  • Category: Super-carrier
  • Unlock level: 52
  • Cost: 8,000,000 credits / 2,000 celestium
  • Support ships: 2 Broadswords
  • Repair time: 1 hour 5 minutes

Unupgraded RadiantX - normal view

Upgrades Edit

  • I - Extended bow (1,250 celestium)
  • II - Reinforced core (1,700 celestium)
  • III - Improved engines (1,050 celestium)

Trivia Edit

  • The RadiantX was designed by Reddit user RadiantXenon in the frame of the design competition for ship level 52 organised on Reddit.
  • The ship was initially released on the iOS and Android versions of the game without any supports, but turned out to be unable to compete with Vindicator. Two Broadsword supports were therefore added with the 26/11/2018 Kongregate update to rebalance the power level of the ship.