The Repair Bay focuses on a handful of damaged ship parts and heals the sustained damage with high speeds during battle. Repair Bay have limited supplies. - Ingame Description

Automatically repair modules on the ship. Each bay can repair a specific amount of HP. Repair Bay stacks.

Note: Works under no power period

Acquisition- Market

Unlock Level - 15

Cost: 70000Untitled Diagram-0.png

Module Upgrade

Parameter Increase/Sub-level Frequency
Health +0.88 40
Mass -0.15 40
Power Use +0.02 40
Max Regeneration +2.5 40
Regen Speed +0.009 40
Max Module +1 3


Parameter Max Stat
Health 255.2
Mass 144
Power Use 39.2
Max Regeneration 2600
Regen Speed 9.36
Max Module 5

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