We have a great community over at the Space Arena Discord! Join for tips, tricks, and great builds! We have plenty of the highest players, with more in the discord getting higher everyday!

Some history: First, there was nothing. Then, there was the first Space Arena Discord (Blacksilvers), then when Forged_S came in he made a new server. That became the official server for a while. And about 3 months ago, The Multiversal Empire was founded! We weren't called that then though. We had a few names, and then just a week or 2 back, The Multiversal Empire after overwhelming support was given, became the official server that we have today! ;D Join here and become part of the community:

Some Feedback we got when we were trying to make our server official:

"I'm not active that often, but I find this server a really cool place to chat , look for and give advice. It has a real community spirit."-Sharrowkyn2#3768

"We have active and helpful staff. At least from what i have done and seen others do"-Elzu13#6539

"everyone here has been helpful and nice and gone out of there way to make this place cool id stay here no matter what"-Flump#2970

"I like this idea

Personally I don’t even visit the main official server anymore

And I find plenty of tips about ship designs and strategies from all of you amazing people

And I never mentioned how great everyone is in this server

"Seriously all of you guys are always willing to help someone else with their builds and there’s always people posting things and telling each other how things are going because they know that they can and won’t get judged because of it"-NOOBiTRON101#0525 aka THE ULTIMATE VEGA KILLER