We released the Space Arena web version in March 2018. We chose the 2 popular platforms: and In the start, it was the experiment only. But a while it became the standalone project in Space Arena.

The game on these platforms has the unified player's base. So the players can catch the enemy from Kongregate and Armorgames. The updates are released on both platforms at the same time. 

We try to adapt from the mobile version of Space Arena for web platforms. Try to trim down the repair time and increase the retention. For these goals, we develop the 3D Space Arena and soon we'll release it. Also, in the future, we want to transfer the new features from mobile to the web: new matchmaking and new interface, an instance. 

The main difference between the web and mobile versions is the non-synchronize. You can't transfer your progress from mobile to web. The games are developed in different ways and this is impossible for now.