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Read the description of the perks below👇 and write in the comments the ship whose improvements we will consider next time🙂

Ironwing has improvements for:

🔸 ballistic weapons (mass and range)

🔸 engines (strength)

🔸 power units (reflection)Shields (mass)

🔸 armor (energy production)

As the Ironwing level increases, the ship’s unique bonus increases:

🔸 weight reduction of all modules on the main ship and on the support ships.

Advantages of improved perks:

➕ Increasing the range of ballistic weapons on a ship of this level can more effectively withstand lasers and missiles

➕ the strength of the engines compensates for the lack of additional cells around the cells for engines (this usually deprived the engines of additional protection)

➕ total bonus to reduce the mass of ballistic modules and shields allows the ship to be faster and more maneuverable

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