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LanaHC LanaHC 21 February 2019

New video from future Class Battles!

Hey captains! What will be waiting for you in the new Space Arena 2.0? Let's see. 

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LanaHC LanaHC 12 February 2019

We released test-version of the 3D ships

Hey, guys! We released test-version of the 3D ships for Armorgames! If you want to try, please welcome! And a special request from me, write your opinion about that. What do you like, what do you want to improve? You can write it on Armorgames or here below :) 
Follow the Space Arena 3D ships Space Arena on Armorgames.

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LanaHC LanaHC 21 January 2019

Space Arena 1.16

  • Fixed bug "Skips in the collisions of shells with the ship's body"

  • Fixed experience accrual at level 54 in the “Fleet arena”

  • Updated cell structure and graphics for Wing ship (Fighter class)

  • Added new special offers and ship cell extensions

  • Replaced graphics for some buttons of the main menu and design menu

  • Fixed headers in push notifications

  • Fixed the termination of the trial period of ships in special offers

  • For stability, the daily task reset time has been changed:
    it became - 11:00 UTC server time.

  • Other minor bugs and fixes

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LanaHC LanaHC 16 January 2019

New Mjollnir

We're coloring the Mjollnir. Our artist almost finishes him.

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LanaHC LanaHC 28 December 2018

Herocraft on Holiday!

Herocraft on holiday
Not many of you know that we have a long holiday from  30 December to 8 January. We will celebrate the New Year and our Christmas (7 January in Russia). So we can't communicate with you these days. So, we'll back on 9 January. Happy New Year!

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