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The Delta Shipyards' take on the Corvette was to ruthlessly attacks its streamlined shape and pile the ship's bulk up front. The end result was a light vessel that, regardless of it unsightly nature, packs a faire punch for its size. The extended outer tail was an unintentional innovation that has saved many engines from an early grave. - Ingame Description

Viper is a good ship. Better than the corvette but cant mount a warp drive.


  • Unlock level: 5
  • Cell: 22
  • Cost: 45,000 Untitled Diagram-0.png / 40 Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif
  • Support ships: None
  • Repair time: 5min


No. Name Cost Cell
1 Extended Bow 23Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +2
2 Improved Engines 17Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +2
Sum 40Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +4

Unique Ship Bonus 

Total Module Reflect

Base: +0.8%

+/lv: +0.2%

Upgradeable Bonus

Cost/lv:1Bp.png & 500Untitled Diagram-0.png

Parameter Base +/? Max
Armor Power Usage 1.34 +0.13 +6.7%
Ballistic Mass 1.34 +0.13 -6.7%
Engine Armor 1.34 +0.13 +6.7%
Engine Mass 1.34 +0.13 -6.7%
Laser Range 2.9 +0.29 +14.5%
Missile Health 2.9 +0.29 +14.5%
Power Reflect 1.34 +0.13 +6.7%
Shield Radius 2.9 +0.29 +14.5%

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