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Out of all the military ships employed by the federation, the Warrior remains the most iconic. It is the backbone of Federal fleets, relatively unclear is how these tightly regulated ships became available for private captains. Most assume the answer lies somewhere between corruption and high-risk smuggling. - Ingame Description


  • Category: Battleship
  • Unlock level: 26
  • Cell: 90
  • Speed: 5
  • Turning: 0.5
  • Cost: 999,000 credits / 460 celestium
  • Support ships: None
  • Repair time:23min


No. Name Cost Cell
1 Fortified Bow 152Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +4
2 Deck Extension 117Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +2
3 Reinforced Core 117Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +4
4 Improved Engines 152Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +4
Sum 538Imageedit 8 6342299252.gif +18

Unique Ship Bonus

Total Module Firing Arc

Basic: +2%

+/lv: +1% 

Upgradeable Bonus

Cost/lv:1Bp.png & 500Untitled Diagram-0.png

Parameter Base +/? Max

Ballistic Range
Shield Shield Strength

Armor Health

Missile Mass

Engine Turn Power

Power Mass

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